FRAG LIKE IT’S 1999 – TOXIKK (OFFICIAL WEBSITE) plays as if today’s military, MOBA and class-based shooters never existed. The game combines the simple and intuitive mechanics of old-school FPS giants with a fresh setting, slick graphics and our vision to carefully evolve the genre with some new ideas elaborated with Arena-FPS enthusiasts.

Designed as a spiritual successor to the fast paced arena shooters of the late 90s and early 2ks, TOXIKK features fast and precise movement, double jumps, dodge jumps, booster pick-ups, nine iconic weapons to be carried around simultaneously, secondary fire modes for every weapon, vehicular game modes, jump pads, health-packs, lots of vertical gameplay, optional mutators (incl. instagib) and everything else that made these kind of games so addictive. If you want to practice your skills offline, TOXIKK even features a configurable Bot Mode.



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