BEING IN THE GAMES INDUSTRY FOR OVER 30 YEARS means that we were around long before the era of today’s flashy 3D games took off. Most of our first projects were released for 16-bit hardware and were beautifully hand-pixeled 2D games, while the second generation of our games was released for MS-DOS and later for Windows. All our classic games were developed by CENTURY INTERACTIVE (founded by Martin Schwiezer and Felix Unger), the company that later became REAKKTOR.

We developed a total of 12 games between 1991 and 1998. Many of them were modernized conversions of ancient 8-bit titles from the early 80s, such as TURBO SPEEDWAY, CYBERZERK (a modernized version of ATARI’s 1982 BERZERK, enhanced with a 2-player-coop mode), SUBTRADE (a 16-bit remake of EA’s 1983 M.U.L.E.) etc. published and distributed by Boeder AG, but also a mid-budget game called BERMUDA SYNDROME, published in 1996 by BMG interactive and many, many more.