SCHWIEZER SYSTEM GMBH (SSG) was founded in the early 90s by Martin J. Schwiezer and turned into a GmbH (LLC) in 1999.

Originally, the company’s primary focus was in the digital entertainment industry (internationally published PC and video games, mostly developed by our flaghsip studio REAKKTOR). But we’re also engaged in other sectors like our Hamburg based brand development agency BRANDKONTOR. The latest addition to our deck are Virtual Reality services handled through NORD/VR, a fully-owned subsidiary of SSG.

The first time Martin ever cared about how a video game is developed, communicated and published, was in 1991 (during his late high-school years). The game was called CYBERZERK for the Commodore AMIGA, developed by Felix Unger’s and Martin’s freshly founded company CENTURY (see LEGACY PROJECTS for more info on our early projects). This game also gave birth to SSG, a company originally intended to simply keep track of Martin’s media investments.

Martin studied law after high-school, but couldn’t let go of game development. From 1991 to 1998, his company DEVELOPED MULTIPLE GAMES for various platforms, while SSG built partnerships with Boeder AG, Pixelpark (Berlin) and Bertelsmann AG. In 1998, CENTURY was renamed REAKKTOR.

It was that same year, Martin had the idea of creating a project that reached beyond the barriers of traditional gaming. The idea for NEOCRON was born: A cyberpunk MMOG, meant to merge the genres of MMORPG and MMOFPS in one game. Neocron was released in 2002 and became a huge success for the studio. The IP is the one and only MMORPG ever developed in Germany and the second oldest German online game that is still running today.

Also in the first decade of the 21st century: NEOCRON 2 was released, SSG was assigned to do the executive producing for GTR and GTR 2. Martin wrote the initial concept and story for a space-sim named BLACK PROPHECY in 2006. In 2007, we did the executive producing for SHADOW HARVEST (a PC stealth-action title) with Collision Studios (later renamed to Black Lion Studios).

SHADOW HARVEST and BLACK PROPHECY were released in 2011. In 2013, REAKKTOR started the pre-production of TOXIKK, a back-to-the-roots Arena FPS which was RELEASED ON STEAM IN LATE 2016. TOXIKK was GREATLY ACCLAIMED, both by the press and gamers worldwide.

Since 2018, SSG’s primary focus is on VIRTUAL REALITY development, handled through our fully-owned subsidiary NORD/VR.