FOUNDED 1991 BY MARTIN SCHWIEZER, our flagship studio REAKKTOR has developed over a dozen of games for multiple platforms . Every team member brings at least a decade of experience in professional game development to the table, is passionate about what he (or she) does and dedicated to delivering a high quality gaming experience.

The team’s past efforts include titles like NEOCRON (the world’s first cyberpunk MMORPG and also the first MMO to merge real-time FPS and RPG elements), NEOCRON 2 , BLACK PROPHECY and TOXIKK, a back to the roots Arena FPS released in September 2016.

In its early years (the 16bit era), REAKKTOR also developed games like SUBTRADE and CYBERZERK for the Commodore AMIGA and many more.

Visit the studio’s homepage for a complete list of all releases or check out the LEGACY PROJECTS section of SCHWIEZER.COM for more info on our vintage games.