NORD XR creates breathtaking Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences with a focus on industrial design and property visualization.

The studio doesn’t limit itself to services and content creation, but also builds exciting tools like their Virtual Reality SDK BEAMFORGE and a real-time 3D configurator dubbed VU/R that vastly simplifies the process of high-end VR development.

The studio was founded in 2017 and is based in Hannover, Germany with a partner office in Hamburg. NORD XR develops Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Apps with their OpenXR SDK, dubbed BEAMFORGE, a proprietary development environment.

Besides providing cross-platform compatibility and an adaptive UI/UX framework, BEAMFORGE covers the full spectrum of visual marketing needs, from high-end stills to AR and VR Experiences that can also be experienced remotely via pixel streaming. The OpenXR SDK is based on the latest iteration of UNREAL ENGINE.

Visit NORD XR’s HOMEPAGE for more info on their projects and work.