NEOCRON – A POST-APOCALYPTIC CYBERPUNK MMORPG, is based on an idea, story and concept by Martin Schwiezer and was developed by REAKKTOR MEDIA in 1999-2002. Retail was handled by CDV, while digital publishing, payment solutions etc. were handled by REAKKTOR MEDIA.

The player chooses from four distinct classes: A genetically enhanced super soldier, (GenTank), the slight, yet dexterous and intelligent Spy, the psionically talented, but physically weak Psi Monk and the Private Eye (PE) as the Jack of All Trades, to start his carreer in the dystopian world of NEOCRON. The sequel NEOCRON 2 – BEYOND DOME OF YORK was released in 2004. The NEOCRON series is not only the first (and only) MMORPG ever produced in Germany, but was also the first title worldwide to merge elements of FPS real-time combat and MMORPG.