Responsible education, not mystification: The Dying Days, Führerbunker VR is a historically authentic, interactive documentary for VR and non-VR systems (Windows PC) about the horror of National Socialism and the last days of the Third Reich in the air raid shelters of the Berlin Reich Chancellery, known as the Führerbunker.

The development of this project is in part funded by the German federal states of Lower Saxony and Bremen. It is created by NORD XR for the interactive documentary series TIME & HISTORY.

Lead advisor on ‘Führerbunker VR’ is Sven Felix Kellerhoff, an expert on the history of National Socialism.

Kellerhoff is a is a historian, publicist and chief editor for contemporary and cultural history at WELT (a major German newspaper and news channel). In addition, he writes non-fiction mainly on contemporary German history (including The Führerbunker – Hitler’s last refuge).

Experience history and current affairs up close: TIME & HISTORY is a new series by NORD XR, in which history and documentaries are conveyed through immersive VR experiences.

More information is available directly at TIME & HISTORY: