You’re all set: A plausible commercialization plan, design docs, a great team excitedly waiting to realize your project etc. Maybe you even have a working prototype or a vertical slice demo of your project, and the only thing missing is someone to finance the development of the full venture?

Being in the digital media industry for more than 20 years allowed us to not only become connected to various financing networks, but also made us realistic about estimating a project’s chances to e.g. successfully pass a crowdfunding campaign. So, when you’re still on the fence about whether to give crowdfunding a try or digging for traditional venture capital, we might be able to help.

If you’ve already decided to skip traditional funding methods in favor of crowdfunding, you need to be aware of the potential mistakes that lie in planning out your campaign and presenting your project on a crowdfunding site. Sure, there’s lots of info available on the internet about setting up a good crowdfunding campaign, but as every project is unique, your campaign should be perfectly tailored around your venture’s individual presentation needs. So, even when you decide to skip traditional financing options, we still might be able to give valuable assistance when planning your campaign, making sure your project gets the exposure and attention it deserves.