An idea. That’s what every project starts with. And like a spark igniting a fire, your idea might be the first step of a huge venture. But how can you be sure your project will become a success? The short answer is: You can’t. In fact, nobody really can. Still, a second opinion would be great, right? But whom to ask?

A publisher? Not a bad idea, but do you really want to approach someone you want to sell your project to, having no idea about what it might be worth? Or maybe ask other entrepreneurs. Not a bad idea neither. But how do you know if that other guy is experienced enough to give relevant guidance? How will you make sure, your idea remains your idea?

If you want an honest, professional and unbiased opinion on your project, you should try to get a neutral expert aboard. That’s exactly where we want to help. GET IN TOUCH WITH US and benefit from 20+ years of experience in the digital media industry. A little investment at this point of project development might possibly earn (or save) you big money later.



Evaluating an idea, a business plan or a project draft is a sensible process. We understand that entrepreneurs are passionate about their vision and have a clear idea about how their project should ideally turn out. SSG will not question the vision itself (that’s actually your job), but systematically test it against potential elements of success and failure.

After signing an NDA and studying your submitted documents and/or demos, we will ask about points not covered by your documentation. These might be things like: What is the essence of your vision (the core)? Is it unique or does it have competition? If there is competition, what sets your project apart? How do you intend to realize your project in terms of required manpower, infrastructure and funding? What is your target audience? Why and how do you think you can reach your target audience? What is your detailed monetization plan? What risk management strategies are in place? etc. So, either set up your project documentation accordingly or be prepared for some in-depth interviewing.

The above mentioned points are just a few things to be talked about when evaluating your project. However, besides our standard plans and procedures, we understand that every venture is unique. And so is every evaluation.